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by Date modified Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for 12.0.2 FP112.0.2 FP1
Hide details for JavaJava
JJARCP8GKZDesigner - Java - Fixed an issue where, after upgrading from 12.0.1 to 12.0.2, user is unable to open Java agents or Java script libraries. The...
Hide details for 04/19/202304/19/2023
Hide details for 14.014.0
Hide details for CalendarCalendar
KMOACNC5W6iNotes - Calendar - Updated DST for Jordan and Syria. Both of them are now in GMT+03:00 time zone without observing DST.
KMOACNF4L4iNotes - Calendar - Fixed a problem where Volgograd was listed in the wrong time zone (GMT+04:00) when showing time zone information in calendar...
Hide details for Calendaring & SchedulingCalendaring & Scheduling
PDARCJ28GAiNotes - Calendar - Fixed an issue where attachments were being lost when sending a calendar invite from iNotes or Verse to non-Domino users. ...
Hide details for Client UIClient UI
ASHACFU276Client - Workspace - Fixed an issue where the unread count indicator on Workspace database icon was not updating when doing "Refresh Unread Count" or...
Hide details for DatabaseDatabase
DCKTCKKQWNServer - Database - Fixed an issue where running dbmt could result in the DAOS catalog going out of sync
JPAICQLTSVServer - Database - DAOS - Fixed a crash that can occur when pushing DAOS objects to Tier2
Hide details for DebuggerDebugger
ASHECM2HSWProgrammability - LotusScript Debugger - Fixed an issue where the LotusScript debugger would fail to show variable values in the Variables tab of the...
Hide details for Embedded ApplicationsEmbedded Applications
IBAACLXLT2Client - Embedded Sametime - Fixed an issue with the 64 bit Notes client where using embedded Sametime with SAML login does not work. This...
Hide details for Install/Setup/ConfigInstall/Setup/Config
TSAOCNU737Server - Setup - Fixed an issue in the os400 server setup when used in Japanese locale where the parameter for DAYSAVTIME was being left in Japanese...
TDOOCM9LH8Server - Directory - Fixed an issue where the data directory data\domino\java isn't installed if installing Domino (clean install) and uncheck the...
Hide details for MiscellaneousMiscellaneous
SGHHCKXLG7 iNotes - Archive - Fixed an issue where there was no way to show the archive menu if hte archive policy to prohibit private archive was...
Hide details for SecuritySecurity
SMOYCL28A4Client - Notes Federated Login - Fixed an issue with SAML\Notes Federated Login where the distinguished name of the user contains Swedish letters...
SRAOCPCHW6Server - Performance - Fixed a performance issue related to FIPS provider loading. This regression was introduced in 12.0.2.
Hide details for SetupSetup
MKINCPCN98Server - Setup - Fixed an issue with IBM i server setup where the TIMEZONE entry for IBM i when in Japanese locale was being set to ZE9 instead of...
Show details for StartupStartup


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